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Welcome to ExpectNet! The online baby pool where expectant parents can share the excitement and anticipation of their new baby with family and friends! If you have been invited to participate in a game, enter the game name in the box to the left. If you want to set up a new game and haven't registered yet, register here. You can then choose to use the free version or upgrade to the full version game.

What are the ExpectNet baby pools?

ExpectNet is a game where family and friends guess the gender, birth weight, length, and birth date and time of the new baby! Each game is private. Anyone can set up a game and be the game host, whether they are an expectant parent or one of their friends. The host can then invite family and friends to visit the game and make guesses. ExpectNet is perfect for setting up an office pool! To see what a game looks like (and see how the winners are calculated), take a tour.

If you are an expectant parent, we hope you will participate! Go to the registration page to set up your game. If you know an expectant parent, let them know about ExpectNet and how they can share their excitement with the people they know and love!

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